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Sports administrators advocate increased public enlightenment on health benefits of exercise


LAGOS – Some sports administrators on Wednesday called for increased public enlightenment by  governments at all levels on the need for Nigerians above 40 years to regularly exercise themselves.

The administrators made the call in separate interviews with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos.

They said that Nigerians above 40 years could be immuned against many illnesses, if they exercised regularly.

Dr Cecilia Arinye, an expert in exercise physiology and Director of Sports, University of Lagos, told NAN that most adults in Nigeria were obesedue to the lack of exercise.

She said that regular exercise could trigger a reduction in the public fund allocated for the healthcare of Nigerians above the age of 40.

“Many illnesses that middle age people have are as a result of not exercising regularly.

“Because we do not exercise often, we have sicknesses that end up causing more damage to our body and organs and result in huge expenditure by the federal and state governments.

“Engaging in regular exercises will make government to spend less to subsidise public healthcare and allow more public investments in other important sectors like education and the economy.’’

According to Arinye, sugar levels in adults will be stable and normal with constant work out.

Mr Olufemi Akinsanya, a wrestling coach, with the Lagos State Wrestling Association, told NAN that longevity would be enhanced, if Nigerians imbibed the habit of exercising always.

He noted with disappointment most Nigerians had no time for exercise and deliberately shunned avenues to get educated on the importance of exercise.

“People who do exercises live longer and are more physically fit to engage in laborious activities when necessary,’’ he said.

Mr Stephen Oke, the Sports Master of Excellent Glory Schools, Itaoluwo, Ikorodu, Lagos State, observed that students who engaged in sports were more in shape and looked healthier.

“Our education must work toward inculcating in our students the habit to engaging in exercises because of its health benefit to them,’’ he said. (NAN)

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