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Sprite, Fanta: CPC Gives NBC 7-day Ultimatum To Disclose Composition


By Teddy Nwanunobi

Abuja (Sundiata Post) — The Consumer Protection Council (CPC), on Thursday, issued a 7-day ultimatum to the Nigerian Bottling Comp‎any (NBC) to give detailed composition of its commonly consumed beverages (Sprite and Fanta) in Nigeria.

This followed the safety concerns raised by the health and safety authorities in the United Kingdom on the consumption safety of Fanta and Sprite from Nigeria.

Already, there is a notable judgement out of Lagos State High Court that has raised questions in respect of Fanta and Sprite, which are products of the NBC Plc, particularly the question of whether consuming the above-listed products with Vitamin C could lead to serious adverse effects.

Director General of CPC, Dupe Atoki, dropped the hint, while briefing newsmen in Abuja on the necessary steps the Council.

“The Council is keenly interested, and extremely concerned about the questions that have arisen from on account of this judgement.

“As such upon the discoveries therein,the CPC is launching a broad and detailed investigation as a matter of urgency.

“Indeed, the judgement only serves as the subject of bringing this information to CPC’s attention, the Council would conduct its own independent investigation,” she said.

She further disclosed the key questions for the NBC by the CPC.

“Is Sprite/Fanta, at the time of production, potentially harmful to consumers when consumed with Vitamin C?

“If yes, what is NBC’s obligation to consumers, and has NBC fully discharged that obligation?

“Pursuant to the Consumer Protection Council Act, the Council is interested in discovering what steps, if any, NBC took, after the testing and confiscation of Fanta and Sprite by the United Kingdom authorities,” she questioned.

She also informed that the reasons for the CPC’s safety concerns on Sprite and Fanta was that for years, the beverages in question have arguably and consistently been the most consumed beverages in Nigeria.

She explained further that the Council had already engaged NBC in furtherance of this investigation and requested relevant information.

She added that the CPC expect the full cooperation of NBC as it is a matter of national interested and focused on safety of consumers.

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