stability in governance product of harmony among arms of govt – Lawan

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By Chibuike Nwabuko

Abuja (Sundiata Post) – the Senate, Ahmad Lawan said on Tuesday that the current stability in governance in is the result the harmonious among the arms government.

According to the statement signed by the Special Adviser () to of the Senate, Ola Awoniyi, Lawan stated this at a

book launch in Abuja to commemorate the 60th birthday of Senator Ibrahim Yahaya Oloriegbe who was representing Kwara Central District at the Senate.

The Senate said the Ninth National decided inauguration that what the people need is service which can only be delivered when there is harmony in governance.

“We have the unfortunate challenge of but we also have the fortunate aspect of a government that is functioning.

“In the Ninth National , we have decided, right the beginning of the session, that what the people of this country, what our citizens need is service, service and service.

“And we cannot, as an administration, deliver the service without being committed to ensuring that we achieve harmony in our chambers and in the National , that we achieve harmony and partnership other arms of government.

“This we believe is necessary, essential and indispensible for success that the administration achieve. And thank God we are all focused, committed, dedicated and patriotic. Today we have stability in governance in

“The crucial thing that we all feel we must conquer today is . The President and the Executive arm of government are doing everything and anything to provide whatever government can provide for our security agencies to fight all the security challenges.

“But the National Assembly is always there to ensure that funds are available for these agencies to carry on their activities to discharge their mandate,” Lawan said.

The Senate President however said that the government needs the of the people to succeed in its efforts to tackle the security challenges facing the nation.

“We all need everyone and everybody to Government in this respect. No matter how much resources we put into fighting , if the citizens are not able to identify the course, there be setback.

“I want to assure everyone here that we in the Ninth National Assembly are conscious of the fact that there is only one way to make better – secure , create a peaceful , a just and equitable Nigeria,” Lawan said.

On the celebrant, the Senate President said Senator Ibrahim Oloriegbe is a shinning example of the Senators in the Ninth Senate.

“Today we are celebrating his 60th birthday. This is a celebration of life, of someone who has journeyed and journey very well and successfully too.

“This celebration is also a celebration of the Ninth Senate because this is the kind of people that populate the Ninth Senate. Everyone of us has journeyed over a long time and has been a successful person before coming to the Senate.

“Senator Ibrahim Oloriegbe is a shinning example of what a Senator of the Ninth Senate is: the character, the commitment, the dedication and the discipline.

is not for nothing and is not an accident that he is the chairman of the Senate Committee on , having achieved so much in the sector, practiced and of course being an active participant in politics at the state level,” Lawan said.