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Stakeholders raise concern over substandard gas cylinders in Nigeria


LAGOS – A stakeholder in the oil and gas sector, Mr Fatuyi Olusegun, on Tuesday deplored the growing importation of sub-standard cooking cylinders into the country

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In an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Lagos, Olusegun, the Chief Executive Officer, Sentax Oil and Gas Services Ltd., said the development was a grave danger to the country.
According to him, the rise in the entry of smuggled substandard cylinders into the Nigerian market had deterred genuine importers of the product from investing in the business.
“It is not a healthy development for Nigerians to continue to talk of cylinder importation as if the country lacks the capacity to produce cylinders locally.
“It is amazing that a country that produced some of the best LPG cylinders in the world more than two decades ago is now a dumping ground for all kinds of imported cylinders.

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“There is a need for collaborative effort among the stakeholders in this regards.
“While those who have the wherewithal to monitor and maintain their cylinders should be encouraged to do so, others must ensure they evolve a framework in which their cylinders are maintained,” he said.
Olusegun said that most companies, which produced the cylinders locally, have folded up due to unfavourable government policy and inadequate power supply.

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He said that the situation had also discouraged the use of cooking gas in the country.

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The chief executive officer urged the Standards Organisation of Nigeria (SON) and NAFDAC to strengthen their presence at the country’s entry points and stop importation of substandard cylinders into the country. (NAN)

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