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Stellas Digital Bank Launches Ghost Mode, Other Features


Disruptions within Nigeria’s tech space have been further stirred as Stellas Digital Bank was yesterday in Lagos launched into the Fintech community.

The online bank arrived the market with a new App featuring the Ghost Mode, a unique banking offering.

According to the company, Ghost Mode allows users to transfer funds to beneficiaries or make payments incognito.

This service meets the yearnings of many users who want to make payments confidentially or donate to a cause, occasion, event and exercise a humanitarian gesture anonymously.

Speaking at the launching, the Managing Director, Stellas Digital Bank Mr, Bukola Solomon, said the emergence of Stellas Digital Bank is a strategic response to many months of industry and market analyses which show that Nigeria’s Fintech space, despite observed growth, still has some niches yet unserved.

He explained further that: “It is upon this foundation that we have built a very intuitive mobile application with the following added features for you, our users: Ghost Mode, Automated deposits and Budgeting tool

“The “ghost mode” is a unique feature in the fintech space that prioritizes user identity protection and complements the lifestyle of discerning customers. Automated deposits and the budgeting tool are features critical for a healthy saving/spending culture, fundamental to long-term wealth creation. At Stellas, we believe that everyone should have easy access to innovative banking and the launch of these unique products aligns with our mission at Stellas Bank.

“In the digital innovation age, where the market is driven by customization to meet the unique and evolving needs of various demography, we are focused on building products and features beneficial to current and potential customers, bridging the gap between traditional finance and the dynamic needs of customers in the digital age.

“Stellas remains committed to providing solutions that simplify banking for all, promoting financial inclusion, innovation and accessibility, ultimately helping individuals and businesses manage and grow wealth.”

The company’s Chief Technology Officer (CTO), Anselem Uba maintained that:“The Ghost Mode feature is guaranteed to revolutionize customer experience and breed a whole new community of Anonymous Angels.

“Beyond this, the feature ultimately protects Stellas Digital Bank customers by encrypting their transactions and isolating them from fraudsters,”

According to Uba, Automated Deposit, another unique feature, allows users to transfer funds from any bank account into the Stellas app without manually transferring from one bank into the other. This functionality, he said, saves them the rigours of deploying several Apps in other to perform a transaction, thereby creating convenience, speed and efficiency.

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