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Still on Bola Tinubu’s presidential ambition – 2 perspectives


Asiwaju Bola Tinubu

KALU AJA wrote:

Can Bola Tinubu win the Presidency? Yes

Can Bola Tinubu win with a Northern Christian VP candidate? Yes

Can Bola Tinubu win with a Northern Muslim VP candidate? Yes


He will outspend everyone.

It’s Bola Tinubu that elected Buhari, funded the campaign.

If you don’t like Bola Tinubu, present your candidate and fund him

I don’t want any noise this time around


It’s not Bola Tinubu that elected (Muhammadu) Buhari. This is a myth that has been sold in the media, but it is not true at all! If Bola Tinubu could elect anyone, he would have done it in 2011 with Atiku.

Buhari was elected because the NewPDP block broke out of PDP in 2014 and effectively rendered the party defeated. If the newPDP block had not broke away, along with the North vowing to return to power by all means necessary, a thousand Bola Tinubus would never have been able to elect Buhari. The internal betrayal of GEJ (then President Goodluck Ebele Jonathan) was so bad that even Adamu Muazu, his own party chairman, was working against him and this was down to one thing; the North wanted to return to power.

Bola Tinubu was a sectional leader in 2013/2014, whose only influence was in the SW. He had no national spread or appeal. He couldn’t have elected a president in Nigeria. Not even with a thousand bullion vans. OBJ (OlusegunObasanjo), Atiku Abubakar, Bukola Saraki, and all the other major players, who broke away from PDP in 2014, practically killed it at the time. That was why this same group, took over the legislative arm in 2015 and Tinubu was left in the cold. Tinubu’s ability to elect a president on his own is one of those myths that many have bought that is quite laughable. The only reason the North doesn’t bother to debunk this false narrative is because they are smart enough to realize that the alternative narrative is that they betrayed GEJ and they don’t want that narrative out there in the open. They prefer to have the Tinubu narrative and allow him bask in his self delusion. Nobody really sends Tinubu outside of Lagos. If the APC presents Tinubu and the PDP presents a northern candidate, the PDP will win easily. The North don’t vote for party. They vote for their interest.

Tinubu is grossly overrated by the media hype. The last time Tinubu put this his self delusional hype to test, he sent a recorded video message to Edo State indigenes to support Ize Iyamu for the governorship election. What was the result of that move? It cost Ize Iyamu the election. In which he lost woefully. It was so bad that it created a winning slogan for Obaseki, “Edo no be Lagos!”. Tinubu’s influence on Nigeria’s election is a myth. Even Tinubu’s influence on Lagos elections is also a myth. If it were not a myth, he wouldn’t require the use of thugs during Lagos elections. In the last presidential elections, thugs had to go around disrupting elections in perceived PDP strongholds. A man who has Lagos support like he claims wont require that to win elections. Most elections in Lagos are won by slim margins. Buhari won GEJ in Lagos in 2015 by a slim margin, even after all the manipulations and thuggery.

Also, nobody has the means or ability to bribe the whole of Nigeria to win a presidential election. That is another myth. Nigeria presidential elections are not determined by money but by religious, tribal and sectional sentiments.

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