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Stop distracting govt, cleric tells political class


By Toba Ajayi


Ilorin   –      A Christian cleric, Pastor Banji Bolade on Thursday in Ilorin urged politicians irrespective of party affiliations to support the government and shun distractions to move the country forward.

Bolade, who pastors Testimony Church of Christ, Tanke, said politicians should close ranks after elections and give the ruling party the much-needed support to succeed.

“Politicians must, irrespective of their party affiliations, always support the government for the good of the nation.

“Nigeria’s growth should be a priority above party sentiments as individuals must cooperate to make the country great,” he told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN).

“We understand this is a democratic dispensation where opposition is allowed, but we should not abuse the privilege by always attacking the government in power.

“We should all support the party in power and let us make Nigeria a better place for all of us to live in.”

Bolade said Nigeria’s development could not be sacrificed on the altar of party politics, affiliation or sentiments, but should team up and work for the progress and development of the country for the sake of the future.

“Enough is enough of the media distractions. Let us be polite and forget the defeat suffered during the last elections to reposition the country on the right track.

“We must emulate the Western world where politicians accept defeat or outcome of an election by immediately initiating ideas and suggesting the best way to run the country,” the cleric stressed.

Bolade appealed to the political class to have a change of attitude in order for the country to attain its place as the giant of Africa.

“Nigeria politicians must learn to demonstrate more maturity in handling defeats after elections or else the country will remain static.”

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