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Subscribers say tariff reduction will improve telecom services

The latest report on the telecom industry released by NOIPolls Limited, a foremost country specific polling services provider in West Africa, has revealed that mobile phone subscribers in Nigeria are calling for reduction of tariff by telecommunication companies as a measure of improving their services in the country.
The Telecommunications Special Edition poll results also revealed that apart from the demand for tariff reduction by majority of the respondents (subscribers), provision of wider network coverage and improving network services by the service providers will ensure an efficient telecommunication operation in Nigeria.
Among the 1000 phone users selected randomly from all the geopolitical zones of the country, 30 percent suggested tariff reduction, 22 percent suggested wider network coverage and 22 percent suggested improved network services for improvement in the quality of telecommunication services.
“Across geo-political zones, the North-East (47 percent) had the highest number of subscribers who indicated the ‘reduction of tariff’. Likewise, the South-East (29percent) and North-Central (30 percent) zone had the highest proportion of subscribers who indicated ‘wider network coverage’ and ‘Improved network services’ respectively,” the report noted.
With the heated competition in the country’s telecommunication sector due to the advent of different players, ‘Quality of Service’ has been the major criteria for measuring the satisfaction of mobile network subscribers.
The NOIPolls special edition poll on the telecommunications in Nigeria was conducted to explore the current state of the sector from the perspective of consumers. It sought to measure the mobile phone usage patterns in Nigeria, quality of services provided by telecommunications providers, as well as get recommendations for quality improvement in the sector.
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