Sudanese lacks mandate to sign naval agreement with Russia – Minister

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Sudan has no full authority to sign an agreement with Russia on a military base since the country’ legislative institutions remained in the making, Sudanese Deputy Minister Mohammed Sharif said on Wednesday.

“In negotiations with the Russian Ministry, we also raised the problem of military cooperation.

“However, we have not yet fully formed legislative bodies in Sudan to have enough power to sign such an agreement.

“The Sovereign Council has approved this document,’’ Sharif stated at a press conference in the Rossiya Segodnya information centre in Moscow.

He said that “this issue will be coordinated between the military of both states.’’

A Sudanese military source has told Sputnik that Sudan wanted to amend the agreement establishing a Russian naval base in Port Sudan on the Red Sea coast in order to receive assistance from Russia.

The source added that on condition for the lease for five years, there would be a possible signing of an agreement for 25 years.

The Sudanese embassy assured Sputnik that the country was not requesting any payments from Russia, slamming any reports about this as unfounded.

The Sovereign Council of Sudan, created shortly after the military coup in 2019, was supposed to serve as the country’ leadership for 39 months.