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Suicide on the rise in Greece


ATHENS – Suicides in crisis-hit Greece rose by 36 per cent in the last five years, statistics agency ELSTAT said on Monday.

ELSTAT said there were 508 suicides in 2012, 36 per cent more than before the economic crisis, which began in 2008.

The ELSTAT figures for causes of death also showed there was an increase of five per cent in overall deaths in Greece last year.

The major causes of death for 2012 were cardiovascular diseases, followed by neoplasms and then diseases of the respiratory system.

Greece has been surviving on emergency bailout loans since 2010.

In exchange international lenders have ordered the government to cut public spending and implement unpopular economic reforms.

Critics blame the cuts for a surge in the unemployment rate to 28 per cent. (dpa/NAN)

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