Support group nominates Ken Nnamani for presidency in 2023

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Abuja (Sundiata Post) – Ken Nnamani groups diaspora have nominated former Senate President, Ken Nnamani as most desirable candidate from South East to run for 2023 President.

coalition said that Nnamani most qualified because of his antecedent and experience of leadership administration.

The groups cited Nnamani’s role the country’s critical era of alleged third term agenda of former President Olusegun Obasanjo and how he scuttled , as a test case of his strong and unwavering character to preside the country’s affairs.

The groups’ Chairman, Lawrence Odoemelam in a statement said that with the Igbos clamouring for a President from the southeast, Nnamani fits into the cap for different reasons. He said that Nnamani ensured the stabilization of the country’s democracy, and has shown a strong affinity to good governance.

“He is one of the outstanding sons of land who had the overwhelming support of his members in the senate during his tenure. Nnamani is of the view that in a multicultural and multi-religious country like Nigeria, credible platforms for different constituents of the to continue to collaborate to promote the good of all.

“He also said that democratic societies survive the inevitable of politics only if managers of state institutions deliberately uphold the rules of law and the norms of fairness, justice, and equity.

“Nnamani carved his name in gold, on the sands of , when he rejected a World superpower nation’s lobby to declare the 2007 as flawed, to pave way for himself as the Senate President, to become an interim President. His vision has been of service and delivery to the people, as against power intoxication and incompetence,” Odoemelam said.

Nnamani elected to the Senate from the Enugu East district of Enugu State in 2003 and served as President of the Senate from 2005 to 2007. The Ken Nnamani Center for Leadership and Development launched in 2008 at Abuja to facilitate qualitative and transformative leadership and development in Africa.