Surgeon tells pile sufferers to seek medical help

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BUJA – A surgeon, Dr Ikechukwu Amadi, on Thursday in Abuja advised seek medical help if they had pile, saying this could be a sign of more serious medical condition.

Amadi, is Registrar , , Abuja, told News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) that this was important for promotion of healthy lifestyle.

“Among middle-aged individuals or elderly, pile will usually be a sign of a more serious problem along gastrointestinal tract; around the tract through which faeces passes.

“It may be something that is showing us an ideal that there is a tumour around the colon; the big bowel.

“In such individuals pile will be taken lightly because it may be that there is a tumour close the anus that is forcing those vessels dilate and push down form pile.

“So when a middle-aged individual or an elderly person begins have pile, he consult a specialist will be able evaluate him.

Amadi said that pile could be prevented by taking high fibre diet and plenty of , also seeking early medical attention.

“In an attempt to prevent pile, one may to take high fibre diet containing a lot of fruits and vegetables and an individual is expected to take a lot of minimum of about three litres in a day.

“These are that will help to prevent pile because anything that will make us to bear down during the passage of stool predisposes, as I have already said, to pile or haemorrhage”. (NAN)