S*x Shop Owner Refuses To Shut Down During Lockdown, Insists The Business Is Essential

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Veronica Kazoleas, a sex shop owner has refused close her store despite being forced by lockdown restrictions.

According her, the is essential.

Veronica Kazoleas owns The Nookie in Street, Toronto, Canada, and has vowed stand up for her legal rights and “the human rights of her ”.

All of Ontario is moving into a month-long lockdown on Boxing Day as the province tries to curb rising coronavirus case numbers and spare hospitals and their intensive care units from being inundated in January.

But Veronica has told Global News her sex shop meets the requirements for an essential service, adding she has no plans to close.

all they say to me is that they can confirm ’m the and when say to them what and how and when my lawyer says to them what and how they answer,” she said, referencing correspondence with City of Toronto and health officials.

that sell medical supplies and devices are determined to be essential, as they should be, and that is what my sells,” she said on Wednesday.

In a statement issued to Global News, a City of Toronto spokesperson said they would comment on the specifics of the case.

“Sex shops are included in the list of that may remain open to the for in-person retail sales. that are not permitted to open for in-person retail sales can still provide curbside pickup and online sales,” Burke wrote in a statement.

“The City expects all to comply with the lockdown regulation.

“The regulations put in place by the Province determine which businesses can remain open and which remain closed. The requirements, as outlined in the province’s lockdown regulation, focus on and describe businesses by type of .”

ource: Daily Star UK