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Sydney police investigates the stabbing to death of 8 children


SYDNEY – Police and emergency workers are investigating a horrific scene in northern Australia after eight children were found stabbed to death inside a home on Friday morning.
Police say a 34 year old woman is being treated for stab wounds and is assisting police with their investigation.
Police Insp. Bruno Asnicar said the woman in hospital was the mother of most of the children that have been found dead at the scene.
“There’s still no identification that has been carried out yet, formally, to formally identify who the children are, so we need to be really careful about that, but at this stage we believe she’s the mother of at least seven of the children,” he said.
The incident has left the community and police on the scene in shock.
Neighbours were seen receiving comfort from officers, who were themselves having a tough time dealing with the incident.
Reports say some of the police who were on the scene earlier are young junior officers.
The Police say they were providing the support to them that they need as well from within the security system.”
According to them, they are not naming suspects yet and that they are talking to anyone who’s had involvement with the family in the past two or three days. (Reuters/NAN)

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