Synagogue: Collapsed church building sets social media on ‘fire’

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The founder and General Overseer of The Synagogue Church of All Nations in Lagos, Temitope Joshua, linked the collapse of an uncompleted guest house owned by his church to a “strange aircraft” which he said hovered around the building before its collapse. Showing scenes of the collapsed building that killed about 80 people, Mr Joshua said the plane hovered around the collapsed building for over 30 minutes. In the footage, a plane was seen flying over the collapsed guest house at four different times penultimate Friday morning -11: 30 a.m, 11: 43 a.m, 11:45 a.m and 11: 54 a.m. The building collapsed at 12:44 p.m in the afternoon, that same day. In his speech, Mr Joshua insisted the aircraft, which flew past almost an hour before the incident, was responsible for the collapse of the building. The pastor even said he was the target of the attack. Social media addicts expressed different forms of reaction as the news of the incident went viral, with some saying it was a planned attack as Mr. Joshua had said, while others disagreed. New Media captured some comments. Udochukwu Duru: But TB Joshua, in his acclaimed spiritual capability, should have seen it much earlier and even predicted it. He claimed to have seen so many ugly events before they came to pass, so why couldn’t he see this one right under his nose? Please let’s use this moment to reassess him and his acclaimed powers from heaven. Think deep.

[eap_ad_1] Evil_Brain: Many people died and this man is still talking nonsense. The church was adding extra floors to a building designed for just two, yet, to TB Joshua, it was a magic plane that caused the collapse. And of course, the great man of God must have been the target, not the innocent souls that died. Engr Henry Clark: From the video footage, the light aircraft may have been carrying out mapping of a study area. The building may have experienced some vibration as a result which made the formation of ‘plastic hinges’ on the frame of the building to snap. But this equally means that the building was not properly designed in accordance with EN1992. The pastor is just clutching at straws! Dayo: Nigerians are smart and intelligent people, so I wouldn’t expect them to just rain accusations and abuses unnecessarily. I just watched the video footage and if anyone looks carefully, that was not a “building collapse,” but a strategic “demolition”. That was either a planned work or an attack. How and why would an aircraft fly so low on a high-rise building, in a residential environment. That was highly unprofessional and suspicious. Omaretsule Eric Uwanikone: Only a hypocritical human will turn this into a heated word about the man’s anointing. Even an illiterate will see that from the collapse, the building wasn’t built to fall; rather something did. Its collapse was planned via the aircraft. Any magnetic beam ray could be used to weaken the building. Technology knows no bounds. Polar: So many questions? 1. Did the Helicopter land on the building? 2. Was the building under construction supposed to be inhabited? 3. Was the new specification of the building approved? 4. What kind of material was used for the foundation? 5. Who supervised the building from inception to the stage of collapse? We need correct answers. Life is precious. David: What a coincidence. A plane found flying round the building and thereafter, the building collapsed. For what reason was the plane flying round the scene? They are trying to get the man of God. (Sunday Trust)