Synagogue: ‘We want to stop TB Joshua in South Africa’

Whatapp News

The Church of All Nations, SCOAN, has shared a video on the verified facebook account of T B Joshua ministries, which purportedly indicated that ‘Satan’ and its agents are bent on stopping Prophet T.B Joshua from visiting and delivering Africa from the grip of the devil. Some worshippers are alleging that it might not be unrelated with the collapsed of the church’s guesthouse Lagos, claiming the lives of almost 115 people, mainly Africans. In the 37 minutes, 19 seconds video available on the Youtube Channel of the church, Emmanuel TV, a African Lawrence Moala, who claimed be Lakozi (the lord of darkness) in the occult world, alleged that he was initiated into the satanic fold at the age of 11 by Lucifer at a mountain in Africa. He claimed that he and others in the group were assigned to destroy the churches in Africa. He narrated how they deceived many church leaders through financial gains and other means. He alleged that with such help, they gained access to various departments in the church, especially the holy communion, were they were able to ‘mixed their blood with the red juice and red wine’ which the churches offered to their members thus initiating them into their kingdom. He also attested that they mixed their semen with the ‘holy water’ been shared to church members as a way of destroying the church and its members.

[eap_ad_1] However, in 1996, he claimed that he was specifically assigned to destroy T. B Joshua. Narrating how he met Lucifier who gave him a special mission to ‘destroy the angel of God that is in this world in human body. I asked who that angel was. They said the angel of God’s mission was to raise the dead churches and the dead leaders who we have destroyed through our mission… The angel behind T.B. Joshua himself, they told us that was the angel we must destroy through the power of the demon through lies that he was part of Satanism and that he was not sent by God”. He claimed they used the power of demons to destroy the churches in South Africa to manipulate them to speak bad about T.B Joshua. He noted that he has been on the mission to destroy the ministry of T.B. Joshua since 1996 with many failed attempts until he was arrested by the spirit of God during the Deliverance service. Moala  claimed, during the deliverance, that the kingdom of darkness was afraid that the coming of Joshua to South Africa will liberate most of the churches and pastors under their bondage. “Prophet T.B Joshua- we were told that he is the last prophet of the last days. He is the right, appointed and anointed prophet to raise the churches and leaders. We were afraid that he was coming to South Africa to raise the churches that were already under our kingdom. We were afraid that he was going to raise the pastors that were already under our kingdom knowingly and some unknowingly.  We were afraid that he was coming to bring back that first power of light, that first power they had in them, so we wanted them to be destroyed and be under our kingdom forever, that was why we spread rumours and lies about him,” he said. Although the date of the deliverance service conducted by Wiseman Daniel was not stated, there was indication that it was a Sunday Service. (Vanguard)