Syrian president orders formation of new gov’t

Damascus- Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, on Tuesday, ordered the formation of a new government, the state news agency, SANA reported.

According to a presidential decree, Assad ordered Hussein Arnous, Prime Minister of the previous government, to form a new government.

On June 11, Assad sacked former Prime Minister Emad Khamis and named Arnous, also minister of water resources, as the acting prime minister.

Tuesday’s decree kept Arnous as the prime minister and tasked him with forming a new government.

According to the Syrian law, the formation of a new government follows the parliamentary elections, which took place in July.

The decision to form a body of 150 Syrians with equal representation for government, opposition and civil society and tasked with amending and rewriting the nation’s constitution was made back in January 2018, during the Syrian National Dialogue Congress organised by Russia in Sochi.

However, it was not until Oct. 30, 2019, that the committee could hold its first session.

The committee managed to have two sessions before the end of 2019.

While first was deemed successful, as participants managed to agree on the rules of conduct and hear each other’s views during initial statements.

The second one, held in late November in a narrower format of 45 members, exposed long-standing differences between the sides.

The government delegation insisted on discussing terrorism issues, as it did during the Geneva talks in previous years.

Meanwhile, the opposition asserted the committee was created, specifically for constitutional matters and proposed to discuss terrorism outside of the body.

As a result, no meaningful sessions took place.


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