T.B. Joshua’s wife takes charge as vacuum is created at Synagogue Church by sudden death – Report

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Mrs Nkechi TB Joshua

Synagogue Church of All (SCOAN) is a global institution where many, across the globe, seek spiritual help and supports.

It goes beyond T.B. Joshua.

Someone has to take charge and ensure adherents are consoled.

Someone has to lead, inline with SCOAN’s administrative policy.

Someone must take charge immediately and give spiritual direction on the mode of service continuity.

So much spiritual and financial efforts went into building SCOAN and it cannot just waste away.

This Is where the question of successor comes in.

Checks have, however, given a pointer to who T.B. Joshua’s likely successor would be.

top aide who worked closely with him said:
“We are right now in the church. Everyone is confused. Nobody expected this sudden death.

“For successor, he did not train anyone to succeed him. I am not aware of any succession plan in this church.

“There is none of the pastors that have been trained to succeed him. I would have known if any exists.

“But to the best of my knowledge, nobody in this church has been trained to succeed him.”

Probing further, OpenLife asked if the entire SCOAN empire would waste away just like that, he said “Very likely. That is what is going to happen.”

shoes are very large. If there has been anybody that he earmarked to succeed him, we would have long noticed it in the church here.

“The person’s activities, actions and inactions would have indicated the direction of succession. After all, I am an inner member of caucus.

“For now, the wife has taken charge.

“There are instructions on what to do and how things would go. In all of this, service is in the programme. Services have been suspended,” he disclosed.

The T.B. Joshua, who was said to have died of cardiac arrest, was a popular pastor, televangelist and philanthropist.

His megachurch runs the Emmanuel TV television station from Lagos.

During his life and times, he ministered to the and mighty on earth including Presidents of countries, captains of industry, top functionaries as well as network individuals in the social, traditional and religious circles.

His church in Ikotun Lagos was a Mecca of sorts to millions of people from all angles of the world seeking spiritual solutions to varying challenges.

One of his top aides who pleaded for anonymity to avoid conflict of said “He spoke with me yesterday. We spoke extensively on the church as well as other activities lined up for him.

“There were for travel for his usual evangelism. He did not show any sign of ailment.

“He confides in me so much. His voice was very clear. He even ministered yesterday.

“He was so concerned about the Indian people. He has been praying for the country and her people to overcome the variant of the pandemic.

“That was also part of his engagement yesterday,” the aide said .

Prophet T.B Joshua died just few days to his 58th .

His remains are said to have been deposited in Isolo General Hospital mortuary.

Sketches of indicated that lots of activities had been lined up for the celebration even though at low-key level.

(As adapted from Open Life by YounewsNg)