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Tambuwal’s defection will not affect activities of Reps – Legislators


ABUJA – Some members of the House of Representatives in Abuja on Tuesday said that the defection of the Speaker of the assembly, Alhaji Aminu Tambuwal, would not affect the unity of the legislators.

The legislators expressed the view after the speaker announced his decision to leave the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) for the opposition All Progressives Congress (APC).

The Deputy House Leader, Rep. Leo Ogor (PDP-Delta), said the development would have no major implication on the PDP.

“What happened today was quite unexpected. But again, that decision was a personal decision and has no major implication on our political party.

Ogor , however, said that PDP members in the assembly would look at the situation and take a position in the matter.

“He is gone, fine; .and he emphasised that his decision borders on his local politics.

“That it borders on the interest of his people and his constituency.

“He came through a political party which was PDP; by the provision of the constitution, which is still before a court of jurisdiction, we await the ruling of the court on the matter.

“And I think this is one great opportunity for us to call on the judiciary; justice delayed is justice denied.

“And if this subject matter is before them, it behoves on them to make the necessary interpretations so that we can lay this issue to rest in respect of defection,’’ Ogor said.

He, however, said that the PDP members would keep watch over the activities of the speaker as the leader of the assembly.

“Because he has gone does not mean that the PDP does not control the house.

“He sits down there as the presiding officer; we run the affairs of the house; and as people who control the house, we must go the extra mile to protect the interest of our party.

“We are not going to lose our sleep because Tambuwal defected to the APC; I think we need to be mindful of the constitution.

“According to the constitution, you will need a two-third majority to remove a sitting speaker.

“Do we have two-third? That is another matter we need to ponder over.

“We will face the party and give our explanations, but I can assure you that the party’s interest will be fully protected,’’ Ogor said

The Deputy Chairman of the Committee on Media and Public Affairs, Rep. Victor Ogene (APGA-Anamba), described members of the 7th Assembly as broad minded.

Ogene said that the lawmakers were guided by all their actions to deepen the country’s democracy.

“So we should not look at speakership or presiding officer from the prism of political parties.

“Rather what we should look at is the person that has the confidence and the ability to give the deliverables.

“So long as you are able to do that and carry the members along, there should not be an issue.

“Both the PDP and APC will definitely have their say on this issue.

“I want to assure you that we will remain one united House of Representatives,’’ Ogene said. (NAN)

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