Teachers urge FG to implement 27.5% peculiarity allowance

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– The Unity Colleges Wing of the Nigeria Union of Teachers (NUT) has appealed to to implement the 27.5 per cent peculiarity allowance of its members.

Mr Emeka Okonta, the ’s Coordinator, told the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in on Tuesday the teachers were being denied of this and other allowances such as core and mathematics teachers’ allowance, house master and house mistress allowance as stipulated in the Civil Service book.

According to Okonta, unlike teachers, nurses who work as civil servants outside the hospital received whatever benefits paid to   colleagues.

Okonta stressed teacher’s welfare paramount to the development of the education sector.

“When a teacher’s salary cannot take him , it is not going to be easy for teacher to put in his best.

“If you are asking a teacher to manage, he cannot improvise.

“When we were employed, we saw our money being deducted under the of Senior Civil Servants.

“Why we became jittery about the whole thing that in 2010, said it going to give what called 13th month to civil servants.
“As civil servants, we were happy, but when it was approved, we were excluded, and upon inquiry, we were told that as teachers, we would not  benefit the 13th  month.’’

He also said that teachers were denied the payment of peculiarity allowance, when it was approved on grounds that they were civil servants.

Okonta said it was a different situation for in other professions who work as civil servants.

what I am seeing , teachers are not putting in best and yet are crying about mass failure.

“They are not putting in best because they are not happy.’’

He, therefore, urged the governments to evolve measures that would motivate teachers put in their best.

The coordinator also urged to ensure the payment of all allowances due to teachers in the unity schools. (NAN)[eap_ad_3]