Home News Teenagers criticise Zubby Michael’s flaunt of ‘extravagant’ N8m receipt for food 

Teenagers criticise Zubby Michael’s flaunt of ‘extravagant’ N8m receipt for food 


The News Agency of Nigeria reports that the actor, Zubby Michael, held his birthday party at a Lagos club, during which he spent over N8 million and posted the receipt on his Instagram account, the following day, which attracted many roaring comments.

In an interview with a NAN correspondent, some of the teenagers described the amount spent on the food and displaying the receipt as extravagant, saying it is one among many factors that makes the youths engage in illegal activities to make money just to show it to the world.

On his part, Nasiru Dan-Fulani, a business centre operator, said “Even if you spend this, you don’t need to post it, you know the situation of this country, stop oppressing the less privileged, we can not stop you from enjoying your life but use your brain.

“It is a wrong message to the below average Nigerians. Such an irrelevant post, Zubby Michael can chop the life of his head without oppressing those who could not afford a meal in a day,” Dan-Fulani said.

Also, Ephraim Joseph, said young boys somewhere would want to beat Zubby Michael’s record and then engage in diabolic means of making it quicker and bigger.

“Zubby may not have spent the money from his personal coffers since he was celebrating his birthday and of course celebrities attended to show him love, our problem is the showoff of that extravagant receipt for food which could be unhealthy in the minds of teenagers”.


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