Terminal operators condemn burning of NPA building by hoodlums

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Seaport Terminal Operators Association of Nigeria (STOAN) has condemned the looting and burning of the head of the in Lagos.


The STOAN members also expressed their sympathy to the board, management and staff of the Authority over the incident.

The NPA building, located on Marina Street, Lagos, was torched by on Wednesday.

The also set many official and parked within the vast NPA premises on fire.

“Setting a national asset like the NPA headquarters building, which belongs to all Nigerians, on fire is an ignoble action. We urge the government to bring the perpetrators of this evil act to justice. These are trying times for the country and it is the responsibility of all Nigerians to protect, destroy, critical national infrastructure,” said Vicky Haastrup, of STOAN.

The STOAN said that while it is within the rights of the and other Nigerians to express their grievances through protests, such expressions be done in a non-violent manner and also be carried out within the ambits of the law.

According to her, it was unfortunate that hijacked the otherwise peaceful #ENDSARS protest that received global commendation for its against brutality in the country.

“Those who destroyed the NPA building, assets and businesses, cannot, by any stretch of the imagination, be termed #ENDSARS protesters. They are criminal elements who decided to hide under the guise of an otherwise noble cause, to steal and destroy property. This be condoned by any means and we do hope that the relevant security arms of government will secure what is left of the NPA building and other national assets across the country to prevent another round of destruction,” she said.

She however called for an investigation into the incident to unravel the perpetrators. She also asked government to beef up security at all the seaports in various parts of the country, while protecting port workers against .

“The seaports are critical to the economic well being of Nigeria and Nigerians. Port workers are also essential service workers. So, wish to use this opportunity to urge governments at all levels to ensure that hoodlums are allowed to gain access into the port or launch on pork workers. The country cannot afford prolonged interruption of port operations after severe interruptions of services at the Apapa, Tin-Can and Onne Ports over the past few days,” she said.

Noting that trucks have been unable to go in and out of the port and many perishable items are already rotting away, Haastrup urged government to it possible for port workers to return to work immediately in order to minimise the impact of prolonged closures.

She also expressed deep sorrow over the loss of lives, and prayed God to comfort the families of those whose lives were lost in various parts of the country.