The 5 Best Summer Foods to Detox and Lose Weight

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The 5 Best Summer Foods to Detox and Lose WeightTasty in-season eats that will you AND your swimsuit happy

Foods always taste better when they’re in-season—and luckily, a lot of summer-y foods are also great for your waistline. We checked in Jaclyn , M.S., R.D., a senior dietician at Mount Sinai Hospital in City, to find out which hot-weather foods you load on right now if you’re trying to drop pounds.

Cherries In addition to having a high water and fiber content, cherries also have anti-inflammatory effects that help weight loss, says . “As an added bonus, these are high in antioxidants and are linked to improved sleep, which also help regulate your weight,” she says.


Best in summer months, tomatoes contain a lot of water, which helps stave dehydration-related hunger. “These are also -high in potassium, which is great for balancing a diet higher in sodium,” says . This is especially since potassium can help you beat bloat.

Jalapeño Peppers

This spicy veggie will add some heat to your summer foods—and help you eat less in process. “Jalapeno peppers contain capsaicin, which studies have linked to weight loss,” says London. Adding some heat to foods may also help you drop pounds. “Research has shown that you tend to eat less overall when you have something spicy,” says London. To top it , you’ll also be reaching for your water glass when you consume jalapeños—and filling fluid will help to flush excess water weight from your body. [eap_ad_2] Raspberries

Raspberries pack a powerful weight-loss combo of fiber and water. “Raspberries are so ripe, readily available, and delicious right now,” says London. “Plus, they’re extremely cheap.”

Iced Green Tea

Next you hit Starbucks drive-thru, order an unsweetened green tea. Research shows that catechins in this drink may have weight-loss benefits. caffeine and antioxidants may also help rev your metabolism, says London.*Culled from Women’s Health [eap_ad_3]