The Cheapest Country In Europe To Go For a Tour

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By Alexander Ioffe

There are several countries which may be affordable or even dirt cheap for you.

If we talk “UN recognized states” then there are a to consider:

  • Ukraine

This country would probably be the most expensive on the list. A home to a lot of churches, villages and nice landscapes, this country a host to a European football cup in 2012 and has won the Eurovision song contest twice.

You would be well off with 600$ for a of weeks including renting the apartment in the high season and other expenses.

Opera Theatre in Odessa, Ukraine

  • Republic of Moldova

Another former Soviet Republic is considered the poorest country in Europe as the median salary barely exceeds 180$/month.

It is well known for home-made wine, its villages and Romanian heritage.

You could rent a nice hotel room or an AirBnB Appartment for as little as 15$/day

Moldova does however have an autonomous region, which de facto is a self-proclaimed republic, which leads us to…

The partially recognised territories

  • Pridnestrovian Moldovan Republic (Transnistria)

If you plan to travel there, cross it’s border via Moldovan side in order to avoid problems in Moldova. Beware of bribery on the border

The de jure Transnistrian Autonomous Unit is a self-proclaimed state which is a frozen conflict zone since 1992, filled with Russian troops.

This territory is landlocked between Moldova and Ukraine

Your travel would most likely be a time travel to the end of the USSR at the end of the 80’s. Same panel buildings, some new shops; same mentality, some new technological advances, like broadband internet and a cell phone.

A lot of its infrastructure belongs to its former presidents making it a very corrupt oligarchate.

Median salary exceeds 300 $/month (in transnistrian rubles) making it richer than (the rest of) Moldova.

Its citizens do often claim their ancestry from other countries thus having a handful of other passports (Modovan, Russian, Romanian and Ukrainian). Amid plastic coins, you would also be able to use an ATM there, which belongs to an Abkhazian bank (partially recognised state that recognised Transnistria) to retrieve Russian Rubles to exchange them into a Transnistrian currency.

You would probably be well off with a of hundreds $/ 2 weeks. Do please check the immigration rules of this state (e.g. how you need to register yourself at the border and at the police station after you arrive at the ho(s)tel/ your appartment)

Tiraspol celebrating 25th independence day, Tiraspol, Transnistria (Pridnestrovian Republic/Moldova)

  • Republic of Abkhazia

Check with Abkhazian and Georgian authorities about the rules of getting in and registering yourself. Misfollowing these may get you to a prison in Georgia

This is another partially recognised state (recognised by several UN States such as Nauru and Russia) on the list. De jure, this is still considered a part of Georgia.

It is a home to a cheap and nice coast and delicious food and climate.

I can however not say how cheap it is, but you would definitely be well of on a of hundred bucks for a week or two of travelling.

Gagry, Abkhazia (Georgia)

Source : Quora