The crisis in the NGF is inimical to the operations of its secretariat — DG

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ABUJA – Mr Asishana Okauru, the Director General, Nigeria Governors` Forum (NGF) Secretariat, has said the crack within the forum is negatively affecting the operations of the secretariat.

The , who said this Friday Abuja an with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN), expressed sadness the crack within the forum.

He said the situation was affecting the relationship between the secretariat and development partners as well as its peer review initiative.

“We had been able to establish a very strong relationship with virtually all the development partners; UNICEF, DFID World Bank and others, but today nearly all of them are understandably jittery,’’ he said.

Okauru said the secretariat of the forum under the chairmanship of Gov. of Rivers, had established strategic relationship with development partners within and outside the country.

He said spite of the crack within the forum, the secretariat remained committed to the elected governors the 36 states of the .

He expressed optimism the crisis would be resolved at the level of the governors.

While stressing that he would want to be involved the crisis Okauru said, “it is very clear that there are some external interests to the crisis within the forum.’’

Okauru said the in the secretariat was at the disposal of  all the governors of the 36 states.

He said the was structured to service the governors irrespective of party affiliation.

He said that as long as he remained the of the NGF, he would ensure that the secretariat was used as a platform to induce politicians.

The NGF split into factions after the controversial election of its chairman 24, 2013 which led to the emergence of two chairmen.