The last flight with remains of MH17 victims arrives in Netherlands—-Mission leader

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The Hague- Pieter-Jaap Aalbersberg, Repatriation mission leader, confirmed Sunday in The Hague that the Dutch MH17 repatriation mission in eastern Ukraine, had been concluded .

He said a Dutch military transport aircraft with the last remains of victims of the MH17 flight , landed at Eindhoven Air Base in the Netherlands on Saturday.

Aalbersberg said Saturday’s flight was probably the last flight with human remains to the Netherlands.

“The plane with seven coffins had left from the of Kharkiv and arrived around 4 p.m. in Eindhoven,’’ he said.

“We cannot guarantee that everything has been found, but we have the certainty that we have done everything possible,’’ he added.

He said in the past two weeks, the Dutch repatriation recovered new human remains, which were transported to the Netherlands on Saturday.
Aalbersberg said the previous flights with human remains arrived on Feb. 7 and March 28, this year.

Aalbersberg expressed the hope that the last two victims would be identified .

Dutch Minister of Security and , Ard van der Steur ,and over 300 relatives ,were present at the airbase for a ceremonial tribute, which was the same as the previous times.

Malaysian Airlines flight MH17, with 298 passengers on board, crashed in eastern Ukraine on July 17 last year, on its way from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur. (Xinhua/NAN)