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The Most Difficult Thing After Marriage


My day starts at 4.45 AM. i wake up clean the sweep and clean the varanda and outside the house, put rangoli, get ready prepare breakfast and lunch for eight members, and start from home by 8.30 or 9 am to office.

I go back home by 7 or 7.30 pm, check if there is anything to prepare for night. if needed cook curries again, prepare phulka and rice. Cut the required vegetables for next day.

It is mandatory at our in laws home to have dinner together. Even if it is 11 or 11.30 PM, after dinner clean the utensils , by the time i go to sleep it is 12.30 AM.

And it is just eight months that i got married.

Hardly i get time to spend with my husband because after doing all these chores my in laws and my co sister still complain that i have left some work.

My mother in law still feels iam leaving much of the work to my co sister.Where she wakes up at 7 am in the morning. after i leave to office, she takes two hours nap. after i come back from office, she acts as if she has done all the work before my mother in law and she believes her.

I hardly get time to take rest even on holidays. They never count how much work i have been doing in office. All that 8 to 9 hours are not in count. What work i do at home is what they see.

As my in laws and my co sister family stay in first floor and me and my husband’s room is downstairs. I have to clean and work for our rooms and upstairs too, My cosister and mother in law never ever come downstairs to help me, but i have to be present for every household chore upstairs.

The only support i have is my husband, who always fights for me.

For a working woman, it is really hard to manage things or may it is because of my initial stage i feel so. However if a family can understand the struggle and give at least few hours of peace of mind rather complaining for every small thing,, makes us feel like marriage is really difficult to manage with.

By Anonymous on Quora.

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