The Things Husbands Should Know About Their Wives

Sandyha Tiwari

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  • Most of us don’t like you to praise other women at all. No matter whether she is my sister or yours,or anyone else. We get jealous the moment you start praising other women.
  • We want you to appreciate us once in a while. It boosts our energy to keep doing what we are doing.
  • We hate it when you compare us with others.
  • Most of us are talkative infront of you. That means we are so comfortable and we desperately want you to know every freaking tiny things that revolves inside our minds.
  • And when we are quiet, that means it’s very serious.
  • We hate it till the core when you can’t defend us infront of your parents especially when you know we are right.
  • When we say we don’t have any money, 99 percent of time, we are lying. We tend to save atleast minimum amount always which we use it during crisis.
  • We dislike you to have female best friends.
  • We fight with you almost everyday for tiny matters because we like almost everything to be perfect.
  • When we say you are looking awful in that outfits, we mean it and when we say you are looking stunning, we mean it even more.
  • We prefer to choose almost everything for you. Your eating habits, your costumes everything. When we go for shopping and you like something real bad, we tend to let you buy cause we don’t want to see you in disappointments and gloominess.But, we know it ,it’s not suiting you and you are wearing it only in your dreams. Cause we want you to look the best. Always!
  • We love it when you care about us. When you remember our favourite colour, favourite food, favourite book and favourite everything!
  • We want you to be more expressive.
  • You might have habit of letting things go. But, even if we forgive you for a mistake, we remember every detail of it even if it’s before years back.
  • Most of us are bad at calculation and other mathematics. But, we never forget any dates. We know the date of our first kiss,first date, first of everything!
  • We adore you even more when you support us infront of your parents, and have guts to speak up for wrong deeds.
  • We think you as the most stunned man ever on planet whether we express it to you or not.
  • We want you to compliment us for our new outfits, new haircut, new lipsticks.Everything!
  • We might psyche you sometimes, but when you are not around, we can never full Stop to praise about you infront of others. And we don’t simply bluff it. We do so cause we actually think exactly that about you.
  • We like gifts. We like surprises. This is the best way you can win our hearts. We don’t care about the price tag. The idea of you putting an effort to impress us or to make us delighted gives us felicity. It doesn’t matter what you have gifted at all.
  • We love it when you hold our hand while walking. It’s a surreal feeling. We feel like nobody can snatch you from us when you do so.
  • If there would be reincarnation, we would always want you to be our husband. This might not be applicable for every woman. But, yeah for most of us.
  • We are very tender and delicate. When you shout at us sometimes and when you get cranky ,we get hurt very badly.
  • When we say NO, we mean it.
  • We know within nano seconds, if a woman is into you. If she admires you.
  • We don’t cry to irritate you. It’s our way of releasing stress. We are perfectly fine after crying and we are ready to go to continue laughing, blabbering and moving around. We are not moody at all!
  • Most of us admire you when you are bossy in bed. But, we prefer rulling it more cause we are the best in comparison with you.
  • When you are all ready to go outings with others and if you look super hot, deep inside we feel like maybe I should accompany you or maybe I should suggest you to wear something else. That’s why we keep calling you when you are out. We trust you. But, we don’t trust others.

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