There are others, we were sent to bomb parts of Lagos – Boko Haram suspect says

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There are others, we were sent to bomb parts of Lagos – Boko Haram suspect says Boko Haram suspect who was arrested at National Airport Authority (NAMA) annex in Lagos yesterday, confessed last night that he was sent along with other Boko Haram members to Lagos to bomb various parts the .

The Boko haram suspect, a physically challenged 22-year-old who was caught with canisters around his neck, in his confession, told security operatives that his two other colleagues were assigned the task of bombing Murtala Mohammed International Airport (MMIA), as well as the densely populated Lagos Island and Apapa areas of the mega city.

According to report from ThisDay, a security source said the suspect had confessed that he alongside several others were recruited from Niger Republic and were trained extensively before their deployment.

He also said the plot to bomb Lagos would not be simultaneously done, a clear deviation from the planned simultaneous attacks last year March, when the sect tried to bomb various designated places across the state at the same time. [eap_ad_2] According to him, the attempt by the physically-challenged suspect was the first attempt to bomb Lagos after the twin bomb blasts in Apapa two months ago that claimed no fewer than five persons including the suicide bomber.

Another security official said the attempt would have been successful but for the inability of the explosives to detonate when they were supposed to.

He said: “He was caught because when he tried to set the explosives, there was a hitch. He ran back to an obscure place to check it out and fix it.

His suspicious movement and the frustration evident his face aroused the suspicion of security operatives attached to NAMA.”

Also speaking, another source from the state security department said already, investigations had kicked off in full gear to round up other suspects who were said to have been deployed to wreak havoc in the state. The suspect was arrested at the NAMA annex facility, known as CENTREX, about 300 meters from the international terminal of the airport, opposite the airport cathedral.[eap_ad_3]