There is hope for Nigeria, NASFAT Missioner assures Nigerians

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By Clara Egbogota

Lagos – The Chief Missioner, NasruLlhai-l Fatih Society, (NASFAT), Imam Abdul-Azeez Onike, has urged Nigerians to renew their resolve and dedication to serve Nigeria with sincerity, great hope and fear of Almighty God.

Onike made the plea on Monday, while assessing the country at 59, urging Nigerians to take the project of nation building as both collective and individual responsibilities.

“I am hopeful that Nigeria will realise its potential, considering the ongoing interventions and various economic recovery efforts.

“There is hope considering the infrastructure building, human development and other modernisation efforts of the different tiers of government, the private sector, social enterprises and our development partners,” he said.

Onike said, in a statement, that his assessment of Nigeria at 59 was far in contrast to the negative assessment by some Nigerians.

According to him, for instance, in Nigeria today, unfortunately, if you see a group of Nigerians discussing the current situation of our affairs, there is an increasing sense of despair and self-denigration.

“With some of them mouthing their concerns and to be likely found expressing comments like, ‘Nigeria is bad; we are doomed,; we cannot make it again,’ they would be talking as if Nigeria has an expiry date.

“As Muslims, it is a condemnable act to lose hope.

“For those who reflect deeply, they will understand that; though, this may be another challenging period in the history of our nation.

“It does not compare to prior periods– such as the civil war period – in our journey to nationhood.

“It also does not compare to what other nations have gone through and after all they went through, they are now countries which tourists have made their destinations.

“I am foretelling of what Nigeria can become, if we are truly more God-fearing, have conscientious leaders, determined followers and ultimately God’s favour,” he said.

Onike said that our roles as Nigerians in Islam, we belief that we are all God’s representatives on earth, as such, we must live up to that divine honour. (NAN)

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