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“They make incantations with people’s names” – Pastor Ibiyeomie speaks on dislike for white garment churches (VIDEO)


David Ibiyeomie, a popular pastor and televangelist, recently expressed his dislike for the white garment church and its method of worship.

During a worship session with his congregants, he revealed that many people would dislike the white garment churches if they knew what went on inside.

According to Ibiyeomie, some white garment prophets engage in practices involving incantations and the use of people’s names.

He gave an example where a person’s name was soaked in a bottle of gin and incantations were made, resulting in the person becoming a drunkard.

This revelation has triggered a mixed response from netizens, with varying opinions expressed on social media.

One user defended the Celestial Church of Christ, stating that their practices are scriptural and they do not engage in rituals or idol worship.

Another user criticized Ibiyeomie, suggesting that his own church members seek deliverance in the Celestial Church.

In response to Ibiyeomie’s claims, the Celestial Church of Christ took to their Instagram profile to deny the allegations.

They emphasized that alcohol consumption is strictly forbidden in the church as it negatively impacts the presence of holy spirits.

They also criticized Ibiyeomie, stating that he lies to people and is not a true man of God.

The Celestial Church further clarified that the term “cele” is not a generic name for all white garment churches.

They highlighted the existence of different denominations within the white garment church and questioned Ibiyeomie’s encounter with a white garment prophet who allegedly performed such practices.

The church explained that alcohol is abhorred by every prophet in the Celestial Church of Christ.

They stated that the church’s constitution explicitly forbids the consumption of alcohol due to its repugnant effect on the presence of the Holy Spirit.

Additionally, they refuted Ibiyeomie’s claim that psalms used in the church are demonic, expressing their confusion over such an assertion.

The Celestial Church also criticized Pentecostal pastors who have consistently derided white garment churches and their practices.

They pointed out that many practices now considered charismatic were originally popularized by white garment churches, which were previously criticized by these same pastors.

Furthermore, the Celestial Church highlighted the prevalence of religious scandals among some Pentecostal pastors.

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