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Things Guys Share With Their Besties When They Are Serious About You


If he’s serious about you, he’ll be talking to his friends about it

Do men gossip as much as women do? Do they discuss their girlfriends with their besties? There’s a common notion that men discuss only [email protected]:’ but that’s not true.

If your guy is serious about you, he keeps you on a pedestal and respects you. He will surely not discuss anything nasty about you with his friends nor tolerate any jokes about you. Here are a few things they discuss with their besties:

You are now the most beautiful person for him and he can’t stop talking about your smile or any other feature he’s attracted to. “I keep showing my friends her pictures.

I can’t stop telling them how lucky I am to have met her and how she makes heads turn wherever we go with her charm”, says Yatin.

He describes how he met you and got close to you. “Describing that life changing moment when I realised she was the one makes me blush. I may not stop every friend and tell them about it but my best pals have surely heard the story several times. They’ve even narrated it to her and she was floored”, says Parag.

He discusses everything he loves about you. As surprising as it may sound but guys do talk about their girlfriends all the time too. He’ll tell his friends how crazy you are for food or how you light up when you see flowers or how you get irritated when he doesn’t turn up on time and the look on your face.

He discusses your future. His friends know him well and have seen him in several relationships. So when he is serious about you, he tells them how he plans to take things ahead and how soon he wants to pop the question. “I get very anxious about the future. I want to live up to her expectations and give her a good home and life.

Whenever I am serious about our future, I have long discussions with my friends about it”, says Jatin.

“There are times I get very frustrated or irritated with my girlfriend. There are a few things I don’t approve of and when she does that I get upset. I avoid picking an argument with her to avoid the bitter feeling. Talking to my friends about it makes me feel better. But I do this only when the girl really matters to me”, says Suraj. (MaDailyGist)

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