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This HIV positive bisexual billionaire pays people $2million to sleep with him without protection


A 66-year-old billionaire known as Bernot travels around the globe doing the unthinkable.
Bernot travels around the world in his yacht and private jet handpicking HIV negative people to sleep with and paying them 2 million US dollars.

In 2009 Bernot was just a junkie in Paris. He discovered that his wine billionaire grandparents left their fortune in his name. He only learned this through their estate executor after they both died in a helicopter accident, he did not even know that he had rich grandparents and that he is their only living relative.

With his wealth came other revelations, He learned that he was HIV positive. Instead of living more carefully and quitting drugs Bernot became even wilder and he took his strange habits to the world.

He is best known for paying women and men $2 million to sleeping with them without protection. There is no knowing whether he takes HIV drugs and he chooses to sleep with only HIV negative people.

He had left a trail of millionaires in Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, Bangkok, New Delhi, Lagos, Johannesburg, Durban, Rio, Los Angeles, Maimi, and Sydney. Sources say he does also visit small cities and towns for unique experiences and fetishes.

Mahalia was paid $2 million in 2014
Mahalia was paid $2 million in 2014
Mahalia said she was recruited by Bernot’s associates back in 2014 while she was working at a hotel in Singapore. “When I heard 2 million I did not hesitate, I took the opportunity and spend a steamy seven days with him, he is a very aggressive man. But know I am rich and happy I bought property here in Singapore but I am a Phillipino, I go home when I want and my family is taken care of.” When asked about her HIV status Mahalia said she likes to keep that private.

Pete from Australia said he met Bernot in Sydney 2017
Pete is one of the same-sex lovers who made it to Bernot’s list and he says he does not regret it. “I was in debt when they recruited me and I thought well that’s a lot of money to refuse, he was very gentle and romantic and we still talk to this day. I got the virus during the two weeks he spent with me but I knew what I was getting into so it’s not a biggie”.

Sam first met Bernot on January 2019
Sam a trans male said first met Bernot in January 2019 and refused his offer but a few months later he changed his mind and negotiated a better offer. “I wanted more than two million for me to feel that it was worth the risk, I go to the doctor every week and I am still clean.”

Would you accept if this man made you such an offer?


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