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Three arrested for killing aid workers in central Afghanistan


Kabul –  Three suspects on Thursday were arrested in connection with the fatal shooting of three Afghan aid workers affiliated with the Agha Khan Development Network, a charity foundation in Afghanistan’s central Parwan province.

The police chief of Parwan province, Gen. Mohammad Mamozai, said that the three suspects were arrested with their weapons in connection with the killing and are being investigated at the moment.

Mamozai said that the three aid workers, including a woman, were traveling to a village in Shaikh Ali district on Wednesday to inspect a school project when they were shot by unknown armed men.

He said that the suspects were being investigated but refrained from linking the incident with Taliban.

However, no group has claimed responsibility for this incident as of yet.

Parwan is located about 50 kilometres north of Kabul, is a relatively safe province, however, parts of it, especially the Ghorband Valley, have heavy Taliban presence. (dpa/NAN)

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