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Three Simple Rules of Joyful Life, By Ken Tadaferua


ABUJA (Sundiata Post) What really is life about? Why are we born, live and die in a time dimension, on earth, in the universe. Simply three reasons really:

One. To enjoy the immense, if uncountable, gifts of life. From our body that is fearfully and wonderfully made, to the air, water, soil, plants, animals, birds, insects, microbes, colours, choice, imagination, creativity, relationships etc among others throughout one’s lifetime.

Two. To enjoy the gifts of life in moderation and to not deprive other people of the gifts. Indeed to ensure harmony by sharing freely (charity) of the gifts of nature. The rules of moderation and harmony are spelt out in the commandments, ordinances and judgements of the creator of the universe, God Almighty. We must keep His simple rules to have harmony and peace. The rules are simple without man made traditions and rituals driven by greed for wealth and power.

Three. To worship, adore and glorify the creator, God Almighty, who made man and created the earth, even the universe to discover and enjoy the immense gifts therein. But many challenge the existence of God asking for his physical evidence. It is a debate that will take for ever, for God is spirit, whose spiritual presence you access only in the spirit. But his physical produce are abundant in and around us, from immense physical gifts to our physical being to life itself. To worship God in truth is to enjoy the greatest gifts of all: Love, fearlessness and peace beyond all understanding. Add attaining Heaven after leaving time and life on earth.

Three simple things. Take away the traditions, false teachings and empty rituals of religiosity created by greedy and ruthless men masquerading as men of God from your life. Keep true to the three simple reasons of life and enjoy your stay on earth to the hilt in joyful and prosperous peace.

Have a beautiful day, folks.

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