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TI: Corruption Worsens Under Buhari, By Ken Tadaferua

ABUJA (Sundiata Post) There is a huge difference between a loud, populist, simplistic, ineffective police action propaganda about fighting elitist (read as political opposition) corruption that announces zillions of dollars purportedly recovered and a strategically scientific process that effectively deals with widespread institutional corruption.
After all the thunder and lightening propaganda of the anti corruption war in the past two years plus by the Buhari administration, Transparency International’s corruption perception report shows that corruption has worsened in Nigeria, crashing from its best rank of 136th  in 2014 to 148th in 2017. A significant 12 point drop.
Unfortunately, Nigerians get easily carried away by the fake symbolism of armed-to-the-teeth security men breaking down doors of family homes in the dead of night and making media circus of arrests with incredible amounts of loot recovered. This military style deception has held Nigerians spell bound over the decades with corruption ever worsening. We hail the anti corruption czar and praise his great works even as all public institutions and officers collect bribe to render services. It is hypocrisy of the first order.
Corruption is thriving and mushrooming geometrically at all levels of government, from the presidency, military, police, legislature to governors robbing state treasuries and not paying workers. You want driver’s licence, international passport, contracts and any other public sector services at all levels and in any part of Nigeria? You must bribe. While we rightfully rage at elite corruption, Nigeria is ear-deep in massive commonplace corruption.
Even more amazing is that Buhari has recently been zipping around in state visits and throwing false electioneering sound bites about haven fulfilled his promise to fight corruption and selling gimmickry about selling seized assets which are unknown to the public and to fight corruption even more if re-elected in 2019. Nigerians are applauding while Nigeria drowns in corruption. Big pity.
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