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Tinubu to open Africa Military Games in Abuja

ABUJA- President Bola Tinubu is expected to declare open the Africa Military Games in Abuja in November 2024.

The Chief of Chief of Defence Staff (CDS) said yesterday, when he received the Africa Military Games Trophy Flag and Torch of Unity from the President of Organisation of Military Sports in Africa (OSMA), Maj.-Gen. Abdullahi Maikano, at the Defence Headquarters Abuja.

The CDS said: “These are part of the Non-Kinetic efforts of the military. We are bringing people to Nigeria to show that the renewed hope of Mr. President is here, even in the military.

“I assure you that we are ready to host the games and our boys are fully ready.

“We know that a country like Kenya is not a pushover, especially in long distance sports. But we are strategizing on that. We will take them pounds-for-pounds. We all know that Nigeria is never a push over. We will always win. We are hosting to win.”

Earlier in his remarks, President Africa Military Games said over 3,000 military personnel from across Africa countries would participate in 19 sporting events.

He said Egypt will host the 3rd Edition of the Game, and the date would be announced at the closing of Africa Military Games next year.