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Tinubu’s UK supporters distribute souvenirs, say APC candidate arbiter of new Nigeria



LAGOS- The Bola Tinubu Support Organisation in United Kingdom (BTSO UK), distributed several souvenirs to party loyalists in Lagos, saying the APC Presidential Candidate remained an arbiter of a new Nigeria.

The group under the leadership of Otunba Ade Adeshina and with professionals from all walks of life, on Monday doled out huge campaign materials to promote the candidature of the former Lagos State governor.

Mr Kunle Adewumi, Political Head, BTSO UK, said that the group believed in Nigeria’s emancipation and in Sen. Bola Tinubu to be the arbiter of a new Nigeria.

According to him, the belief and trust in Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu are not ephemeral.

He said their belief was based on the track record of the APC presidential candidate’s leadership prowess, vision, action, change, identification, and deployment of professionals as well as putting round pegs in round holes.

“We believe that what Tinubu did at state level in Lagos, he is able to do more at the national level for Nigeria.

“Today, we want to further show our unflinching support for Bola Tinubu by distributing these souvenirs to supporters and believers of “Renewed Hope” which is the mantra of our principal.

“The members of executive of BTSO UK believe this will go a long way to encourage electorates to troop out in their millions to vote APC and Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu at the polls on Saturday.

“We also hope that this gesture will solidify the recognition of BTSO UK as a strong support group for Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu at the Presidential Campaign Committee (PCC) Headquarters.

“Between now and the election, BTSO UK will show further support to reach out to at least 100 million people digitally to vote Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu en-masse.

“We believe this will ensure landslide victory for APC at the polls,” he said.

Adewumi, who noted that BTSO UK had established structure of governance in the United Kingdom, with men and women saddled with responsibilities of offices to actualise its objective to support Tinubu to become the President.

According to him, BTSO UK is established in Nigeria through its grassroots movement across the entire Southwest of Nigeria with operational base in Lagos.

He said that BTSO UK, as recognised and registered official support organisation for Tinubu by the National APC Secretariat, had identified committed men and women on ground to propagate our objectives and mission at the grassroots.

Adeshina said the group has presence in the cyberspace and social media and it is a movement and self-funded by committed members of its executive.

“This is a show of belief we have in Asiwaju to be the next President of Nigeria. From the funds raised by members of BTSO UK and executives, we have embarked on different projects,” he said.

Adewumi said they have been supporting Tinubu’s ambition since 2019 because they believed in leadership ideals and capacity development and expressed confidence in the APC presidential victory at the polls.

He said,“compared to other contenders, Tinubu is way ahead. This is in terms of capacity and pedigree.

“With a long list of achievements, we are confident that all across the country from the North, down to the South, East and West, Tinubu will come out tops and he will replicate what he had done in Lagos,” he said. (NAN)

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