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To Build Society, We Must Ask Questions On Sources Of Wealth


By Samuel Ajayi

ABUJA (Sundiata Post) As long as society (and this includes family members, spouses and friends) play the ostrich and don’t question source of “success”, we can never make progress as a people and nation.

If you are looking for one society that morally wants to eat her cake and have it, it is Nigeria.

We shout corruption everyday. We lament on Facebook how it has ruined us. Yet, your cousin or brother you know is on 500k per month (N6m per annum) called you that he has just bought a duplex in Magodo. Same guy currently lives in a duplex that he pays N4.5m per annum. His family spent Christmas and New Year in Brazil which cost him millions. The least fee his kids pay in school is 600k per child and he has three.

But you are praising God on his behalf; making him a point of contact with God.

Yet, same you would be shouting how Diezani stole $90b and how Tinubu and Fashola stole Lagos blind. You will be saying Jonathan opened the vault for people to steal. Ambodeis a thief, Saraki is a looter.

As long as we see it as GRACE OF GOD when our family members are involved but STEALING when others do it, the AUTHENTIC GRACE OF GOD THAT MAKES NATIONS PROPER will always elude us!

And when a nation does not proper, its citizens will never proper.

There must be MORAL REBIRTH before NATIONAL REBIRTH. If not, we will be rooted to one spot…

Source: Facebook

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