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Toyota Motor To Begin Testing Of Fuel Cell Vehicles


Tokyo,  –   Toyota Motor Corporation on Tuesday said it would begin testing its hydrogen fuel cell vehicle (FCV) in the United Arab Emirates.

The Chairman of the corporation, Takeshi Uchiyamada, said in a statement in Tokyo that the aim was to explore the next-generation option to petrol-electric hybrids.

He added that it would serve as the potential for the zero-emissions fuel technology in hot, dry conditions.

“As the (UAE) government continues to promote new initiatives and pursues the creation of a hydrogen-based society, the UAE is able to emerge as the world leader of next-generation clean energies,” Uchiyamada said.

He said that Toyota had promoted fuel cell vehicles as the most viable next-generation option to petrol-electric hybrids, but lacked of hydrogen fuelling stations posed a major hurdle for mass consumption.

It is also part of its goal to foster what it calls a “hydrogen society”, where the zero-emission fuel will power homes and vehicles.

As part of the project, Toyota will conduct driving and refueling tests using its Mirai FCV, which it launched in late 2015.

According to him, Toyota will team up with Abu Dhabi green energy firm Masdar, Abu Dhabi National Oil Co and French industrial gases company Air Liquide SA to examine prospects for hydrogen production.

The team up, he said, was for logistics and business feasibility.

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