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Trump says U.S. may make a trade deal with China at some point


Washington –  President Donald Trump on Tuesday left the door open for China to negotiate an end to the trade war between Washington and Beijing, a day after imposing new tariffs on nearly 200 billion dollars Chinese imports.

Trump, speaking to reporters during a visit with Polish President Andrzej Duda, said that the U.S. may make a deal at some point with China and that his country is always open to talking.

“We’re having a tremendous impact on China.

“We’re doing a very good job with China,” he said before reiterating his threat to add tariffs to 267 billion dollars of Chinese goods if Bejining retaliates.

China hit back with levies on about 60 billion dollars of U.S. imports.

“China wants to come over and talk and we are always open to talking, but we have to do something,” he added. (Reuters/NAN)

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