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Tunisian parliament approves new govt under Elias Fakhfakh

Tunisian Prime minister designate Habib Jemli

Tunis – The TAP news agency reported that Tunisia’s parliament early on Thursday approved a coalition government headed by designated prime minister Elias Fakhfakh with 129 yes votes.

The Agency reported that there were 77 no votes and one abstention.

The vote was preceded by 14 hours of debate, It followed five months of uncertainty after the country’s general election.

On Jan. 20, Fakhfakh, who was at that time the finance and tourism minister, was commissioned by President Kais Saied to form a government.

This followed just after the parliament resoundingly rejected a government of independent technocrats formed by then-prime minister Habib Jemli.

Unhappy with the political classes, many Tunisians had voted for Jemli in elections last October.

Tunisia was the birthplace of the Arab Spring in 2011.

In spite of democratic reforms being introduced since then, the country is still struggling with great economic difficulties and civil unrest.


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