Tunisia’s PM-designate says new gov’t to have no more than 25 ministers

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Tunisian Prime minister designate Habib Jemli

Tunis – Tunisia’s Prime Minister-designate Elyes Fakhfakh said on Friday that the of ministers in the new government would not exceed 25.
He made the remarks in a news conference, adding that the new government be based on effectiveness, efficiency and “open to young talents and women.”
He added that consultations on the composition of government have started in order to the widest political support.
Tunisian President Kais Saied assigned Elyes Fakhfakh to form the new government on Jan. 21.
The prime minister-designate should form his government within month in accordance with the constitution.
The proposed government should then be submitted to the for a confidence vote.
The Tunisian on Jan. 11 rejected the government of than 40 members proposed by the prime minister-designate Habib Jemli.