Turkey to ignore EU vote on Armenian killings

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ROME – Turkish Recep Erdogan  has said Turkey would ignore the European Parliament’s vote later on Wednesday regarding the 1915 mass Armenians.

Pope Francis recently described the as .

“Whatever decision the European Parliament takes on Armenian claims, it go one ear and out the ,” said Erdogan ahead the vote.

According to the draft resolution, the European parliament ask Turkey to continue its efforts to recognise the Armenian , to accept the past, and to open its archives.

The text states the eyes Europe, the Ottoman Turks committed genocide against the Armenians between 1915 and 1917.

Still, the resolution is not as harsh as some adopted the past, which Turkey’s recognition of the Armenian genocide was explicitly laid down as a condition for the country’s EU accession.

This stipulation is not made in the new resolution, which welcomes Turkey’s recent condolences to Armenia and its recognition atrocities have been committed against the .

The European Parliament’s document encourages the Turks to take advantage of the commemorations for the centenary of the genocide to create the conditions for genuine reconciliation.

The . has called the massacre of 1.5 Armenians a “historical ”, reiterating that the clarification of that historical period is in everyone’s interest – Turkey, Armenia and the .

. State Department spokeswoman, Marie Harf, said that: “nations are stronger and they progress by acknowledging and reckoning with pretty painful elements of their past”.

Meanwhile, a group of Turkish hackers claimed to have penetrated the official website of the Holy See  on Monday night, taking it offline for several hours.

According to the specialist publication ‘Techworm’, the attack was an unofficial Turkish retaliation against the words of the Pope.

The group also left a message on the hacked website, pledging to continue its attacks. (AGI/NAN)