U.S. tracing of COVID-19 origin will be futile – Chinese envoy

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Chinese Ambassador Xiao Qian, on Wednesday, said U.S. intelligence community’s Coronavirus (COVID-19) origin-tracing investigation report goes against science and would not yield any results.

Xiao wrote in a recent editorial in Jakarta Post describing the report on the origins of COVID-19 after a 90-day closed-door investigation released by the U.S. intelligence community as “nothing but a complete political farce.’’

He mentioned that without providing any evidence, the United States has “cooked up one story after another defame and accuse China,” and to shirk responsibility for its failure in fighting the pandemic.

As for origin-tracing, Xiao said: “it is actually the U.S. that is not being transparent, responsible, and cooperative on this issue.

“The timeline of the outbreak in the U.S. has been backdated several times.

“Besides, the international community has long raised concerns over safety issues and illegal, non-transparent, and unsafe practices at Fort Detrick.

“Coronavirus and genetic modification experiments were also carried out by the Baric team at the University of North Carolina.’’

Xiao also commented that the U.S. attempts politicise origin-tracing has found no support and has met widespread opposition from the international community.

He said as the is still spreading around the world and China is willing continue working with to bring the origin-tracing work back to the right track of scientific cooperation.

Xiao added that cooperation would jointly contribute the ultimate victory of mankind over the pandemic.