UBA, Facebook Launches Leo, Chat Banking Platform

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By Nse Anthony-Uko
(Sundiata Finance) – United Bank of Africa (UBA), has launched an artificial intelligence (AI) banking which rides social networks by offering seamless transactions for its customers through a collaboration with Facebook.
The new banking platform called ‘LEO’ launched Thursday in Lagos is designed to understand customers’ needs, patterns, lifestyle and also relates with customers in easiest type of language.
Speaking at the launch, group managing and chief executive of UBA, Mr Kennedy Uzoka said LEO is a “product but a solution. It is a something that deals with your lifestyle and understands your preferences and actions. It can also go back in time to look at what you have done in the past to predict what you would do in the future.”
“It is very analytic and is something that would take you away from. Platforms you are used too.” Stressing that the LEO platform is extremely secure, he explained that it can offer all banking services such as transfers, paying bills, airtime top-ups and more and is live from this Thursday.
“United bank for Africa is doing something different, rather than giving you a product that would make you come to brick and mortar locations, we are taking the product to you and this is consistent with our customer felt philosophy of doing what the customer would want. In our continent this this the first time it is happening and it is a first by UBA.
“This is something that is highly intelligent using artificial intelligence and machine learning. So, the more you use this service, it understands you better to give you options upfront. Leo can link to customer services, buy airtime, transfer money, and speak to you.”
He explained that it is available to Facebook users now through its Facebook messenger for new and existing customers but would soon spread its tentacles to other social media platforms.
Uzoka furthered that “We have been working with technology giants across the world because for UBA with do many customers operating in 19 African countries, we have to deal to those you have global capacity. We collaborated with Facebook and in the future, it is going to show up in other platforms.”