Uganda Switches On Internet After Days Of Shutdown, Blocks Social Media

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government of Uganda has switched on internet after it shut it down on Jan. 13, fearing that it would be used to incite violence and hate during elections held on Jan. 14.

Ofwono Opondo, government spokesman said that internet had been switched on after data collected indicated that there would be violence.

“Internet was switched off because people wanted to spread messages of hate and violence, as well as discredit the integrity of elections,” Opondo said.

“We think now people have come to terms with the results. However, we remain on alert,” he added.

On Jan. 13, a day before the country went for and parliamentary elections the internet was switched off.

“Whatever was done was done for the good of the country. The opposition was affected and the ruling party was also affected. Even the public was affected,” Opondo said.

Although the internet is now on, is blocked.

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