UN sends aid to Syria without regime consent

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UN sends aid to Syria without regime consent BY ALJAZEERA

The UN has sent its first aid convoy into rebel-held areas Syria without consent on , as UN chief Ban Ki-moon accused warring parties denying assistance millions as a tactic war.

“A convoy nine trucks crossed into Syria today the Turkish crossing at Bab al-Salam, carrying UN , shelter, water purification and sanitation supplies,” said Amanda Pitt, the spokeswoman for UNOCHA, the UN office.[eap_ad_2]

The UN Council unanimously adopted a resolution 10 days ago authorised aid access at four border crossings , Iraq and Jordan, even though the Syrian deems such deliveries as incursions.

further details were available on whether the trucks had reached the people was intended for.

In a report the Council, obtained by Reuters on , Ban said an estimated 10.8 million people need help, which 4.7 million are in remote areas Syria.[eap_ad_3]