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Underage Voting in Kano Mirrors Our Bad Electoral System

By Moses Ochonu

ABUJA (Sundiata Post) ​Can we all just agree that local government elections in Nigeria are a sham and a mockery of democracy? The SIECs are compromised appendages of governors. What happened in Kano with underage voting and rampant thumb printing is the latest iteration of this well known fact. At least in Kano they tried to make it seem like they were observing the ritual of “voting.” In other states, they don’t even bother with such niceties. They skip the voting/thumb printing part and simply write and announce the results. Our democracy is broken. And it’s not just the SIECs. We knew that the vote totals from many states in the 2015 presidential election were fraudulent, recklessly inflated to favor one or the other candidate, depending on the state/region, but because the final outcome accorded with the mood and preference of the country, we were all praising Jega and INEC and we ignored the abracadabra that produced such fantastical vote numbers. Why should 2019 be different? Why should INEC do better?

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