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Underage Voting In The North: Now We Understand 2015 Better


By Samuel Ajayi

ABUJA (Sundiata Post) Initially, I dismissed the video. My thought it was one of those old videos (and the photographs that accompanied it) people were sharing about underage voting in the North after 2015. However, it was after a careful observation of the ballot box that I discovered it was that of the Kano State Independent Electoral Commission, KASIEC.

In 2015, there were reports of massive underage voting in the North. Even a five year-old boy knew who benefitted from this underage voting.

Yesterday has finally confirmed this unfortunate development.

I still don’t know if integrity has a different definition that is exclusively for Buhari supporters in defining their man.

* Where is integrity if you KNOWINGLY benefitted from underage voting?

* Where is principle and heart of doing good, if you have seen the evil and yet, have refused to address it?

* Was Jega’s INEC aware of this? Is the current INEC leadership aware? Are Buhari disciples and aides aware of this?

* Tell me one assurance that this won’t happen again in 2019?

The tragedy of it all is that some Yoruba “mas’ anfanis” will still find a way to rationalise this by reminding us of the rigging in the South-south.

It is a shame.

That this is still happening in 2018 Nigeria. How lower can we fall?

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